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Notary Public Service

Notary Public Services are offered free of charge at the Boylston Public Library.

For notary services, schedule an appointment at least one business day in advance by calling the library or using the online booking system at the bottom of this page. 

Accommodations may be made for walk-in service, but are not guaranteed. A notary is not always available in the library.

The Notary Public at the Boylston Public Library is not an attorney and therefore shall not offer legal advise. As such, the  Notary Public at the Library will not sign wills, deeds, or other legal specific documents. If you are seeking notary services on a document to be used outside of the United States, please visit the Secretary of State's website.  

  • You must have one of the following accepted forms of current identification bearing a photographic image and signature: state-issued driver's license, state-issued ID, U.S. Military ID, Resident Alien ID (Green Card), U.S. Passport.

  • The document(s) should be original, complete, and in English.

  • The document(s) cannot have already been signed or dated.

  • All signers must be present at the time of notarizing.

  • If documents need to be witnessed by one or more persons, patrons must bring their own witnesses. The Library’s notary and staff cannot witness the documents to be notarized.

  • The document must contain the appropriate Massachusetts Notarial Statement or Clause: 



On this ____day of _____________________, before me, the undersigned notary public, personally appeared _________________________ proved to me through satisfactory evidence of identification, which were ______________________________, to be the person whose name is signed on the preceding or attached document and acknowledged to me that he signed it voluntarily for its stated purpose.
                       Notary Public Signature _____________________________________________

                       My Commission expires _____________________

In accordance with Massachusetts Notarial Law, Notaries will not provide service if the customer, document or circumstances of the request for Notary Service raise any issue of authenticity, ambiguity, doubt or uncertainty.  In this event, the Notary may, at their sole discretion decline to provide Notary Services.

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