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Boylston Art Gallery

The Boylston Library is exhibiting Quotes by Candice Oxnard.

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“Quotes” and other works

Consisting of some small and large works, created over the past 10 years, this exhibit is based on quotes collected from poets and writers. Through a mixture of media in art and craft, viewers are encouraged to engage with creations like boxes and jewelry in a new way. Enjoy this exhibit during the month of June!


About Candice Oxnard

A 2005 Graduate from the University of Massachusetts Lowell, Candice concentrated in Graphic Design. Tempered with the in depth coverage of Fine Arts, in many forms, she has a complete creative education. She has continued to increase her artistic abilities through exploration of different media. Currently, she creates jewelry, wall signs, air plant pots, candle holders, holiday tree ornaments, trinket boxes and more.

Candice Oxnard has been making art for as long as she can remember. She started producing wood art about 10 years ago, where she would draw and then burn an image onto wood, color it with watercolor pencils, and finish it with polyurethane. That progressed to working with a laser.

“Art is my calling. I am a visual learner, and I like being a visual storyteller as well. I think art is like the whipped cream of life: It makes everything a little more delicious.”

- Candice Oxnard

Sign Up for the Community Art Gallery!

September 2023 the Boylston Public Library will celebrate the Boylston Community's artistic talents!

Sign up today to have your art approved for the gallery, registration ends on August 15, 2023. We will accept all art from traditional paintings and photography to digital art and media we can show on our screen. All ages are encouraged to apply.

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