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Boylston Art Gallery

This Month

The Boylston Library is hosting the exhibit "A Mixed Bag" by Sid Solomon.
Come and view the exhibit throughout the month of June. 

Sid Solomon received his certificate from the Worcester Art Museum in 1954. As a professional artist, he has worked as an illustrator for the US Army and has been an instructor throughout Washington DC and Georgia. Today Sid is a Portrait and Landscape painter with the Worcester Life Drawing Group. Be sure to stop by the Library to see Sid's amazing work.

Sign Up for the Community Art Gallery!

This August the Boylston Public Library will celebrate the Boylston Community's artistic talents!

Sign up today to have your art approved for the gallery, registration ends on July 19th. We will accept all art from traditional paintings and photography to digital art and media we can show on our screen. Ages 15 and up are encouraged to apply.