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Library Five Year 
Goals & Objectives


Mission Statement

We provide an enriching environment and diverse resources to the residents of Boylston. We bring our community together by actively connecting them to free and open information, technology, social engagement, discovery, and sharing.

Vision Statement

The Boylston Public Library will be recognized as a leader within the community that strengthens the town through relevant, adaptive services. It will provide a thriving, welcoming,and safe resource center that promotes the development of engaged, active citizens.

1. The library will promote a sense of community for the town of Boylston.

  • Create a formal library volunteer and recognition program for all ages.

  • Assist the Friends, Foundation, and Trustees in the promotion of their groups and recognition of members.

  • Develop a system for contacting new Boylston residents with library information.

  • Engage local expertise to provide educational lectures or lead skillshares at least once per year.

  • Identify local colleges, universities, organizations, and businesses in the wider community and investigate partnership or programming opportunities.

  • Investigate potential for a “Library of Things” based on community interests.

  • Host a program to promote local and/or civic engagement at least once every 2 years.

2. The library will provide a comfortable, efficient physical space that adapts to the needs of its various users.

  • Research feasibility of soundproofing elements to minimize noise.

  • Identify more comfortable seating and workplace options that still allow for collections, meetings and programs within the building; find funding resources.

  • Improve directional and informational signage throughout the building.

  • Research feasibility of a Community Room addition to the existing structure.

  • Maintain historical characteristics of the main floor.

3. Boylston residents will view the library as a reliable resource for local and worldwide information.

  • Create an easily accessible space within the library for up-to-date local information and news from town departments and groups, including a town-wide directory.

  • Provide employees with training on town-wide services to better serve patron queries.

  • Investigate electronic options for online access to local and national newspapers for Boylston patrons.

  • Identify and host programs that discuss a current issue on a local, national, or worldwide level at least once per year.

4. The library will retain its recognition for personalized customer service while finding new ways to ensure a customer service focus for the benefit of the Boylston community.

  • Create customer service policies training for all employees.

  • Staff will partake in a minimum of one form of customer service enrichment every
    year (webinar, class, professional article, etc.).

  • Hold staff meetings at least once per quarter to identify and discuss current customer service trends.

5. The library will continue to improve visibility and collaborations with other town
departments, town organizations, and officials.

  • Full-time employees will help to identify and participate in a minimum of 2 outreach programs per year that take place outside of the library.

  • Pursue options for more involvement in the elementary, middle and high school classes, as well as open house and other on-campus school programs.

  • Produce quarterly public relations outreach for key stakeholders as well as town departments and organizations.

  • Produce graphics and social media guidelines for staff to streamline production, continuity and efficacy of marketing.

6. The library will offer diverse programs, collections and services that meet the        needs of all Boylston patrons.

  • Identify and find funding for youth STEM programming/STEM technologies.

  • Host a minimum of 2 family oriented programs per year.

  • Create a system for polling patrons on an annual basis for program, collection and service feedback.

  • Examine feasibility of improving access to popular new releases (physical copies).

  • Establish a regular schedule for digital asset management/ordering.

  • Audit non-fiction physical collection for subject representation; analyze new systems of non-fiction organization that are more user-friendly.

7. The library will be staffed and funded to levels that reflect the needs and expectations of the community.

  • Town will approve increased staff wages to competitive levels.

  • Town will approve increased staff hours to adequately staff the library, meet administrative needs, and carry out strategic initiatives.

  • Town will approve increased library budget to fund ongoing maintenance and equipment.

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