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Contact us if you need help with your library account to use these online collections!

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An extensive collection is accessible through our Online Catalog where you can find books, DVDs, audiobooks, eBooks – and more! You can make requests for items and also take care of your library account. (You can find answers to many common questions about your account and library materials in our FAQs section.)

Log in to your account to see what is currently in the Boylston Library or to reserve materials from another library in the C/W MARS system (which includes most Central & Western MA libraries). After you place a hold on an item it will be delivered to Boylston as soon as it becomes available, and you will receive a notification. If you can't find an item you're looking for or prefer to make your orders directly with library staff, simply call or email us with your requests.


The Boylston Public Library offers a wide array of digital services that can be accessed with your Boylston Public Library Card. Whether you're a music lover, a movie buff, or you crave knowledge, our online resources are designed for you! See what your Boylston Library Card provides you with here


Public access computers: The Boylston Public Library has several laptops available for public use within the library.

Wireless internet access: The Boylston Public Library has free wireless internet access, inside and outside. If you are inside, you can connect to the BPL network without a password; this also connects you to our public printer. If you are outside you can use the Boylston Library Outdoor Wifi network. The password for the outside network is boylston

Printer/scanner/copy/faxing machine: A self-serve printer/scanner/copy/faxing machine is available for public use. Patrons may print, copy, scan, or fax their own materials in color or black and white for free. For printing or copying materials 25 pages or more, we ask that you consider either supplying your own paper or making a monetary donation.

Drop-in Tech Help: Stop by the library any time for help with your mobile devices, your library accounts, word processing, or internet assistance. We're always happy to help!


The Boylston Public Library has passes that offer free or discounted admission to local museums and parks. Passes are purchased by the Friends of the Boylston Library. Visit the passes page to see what's currently available and make reservations.

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