2019 Action Plan

1. The Boylston Public Library will be a community hub for the Town of Boylston, enriching lives by providing a means of social and cultural interaction.

  • Maintain and nurture existing partnerships with external community organizations and groups.

  • Host a variety of children’s story times and programs that appeal to different ages and interests.

  • Strengthen relationships with school and Tower Hill librarians.

  • Experiment with new types of programs in various formats at various times for all ages and interests.

    • Continue building audience for existing groups.

    • Seek recommendations for speakers from public and Friends group.

    • Host tree lighting or similar large community event.

    • Develop Saturday children’s programming.

    • Create passive programs for children’s and teen areas in the library.

  • Host an outdoor film series in the summer.

  • Seek sponsorship and grant opportunities to cover program costs.

  • Partner with Burbio to offer a community event calendar.

  • Offer “make and take” programming with leftover craft supplies.

2. The Boylston Public Library will provide a flexible and adaptable physical space that is accessible to all residents and adequately supports collections and services.

  • Continue work on library renovation items.

  • Assess space for flow and usability and make adjustments to collections and furniture as necessary.

  • Replace magazine display.

  • Ensure all indoor and outdoor spaces are clean and hazard free.

  • Make all photos on web site ADA compliant by adding text descriptions.

  • Investigate funding options for web design services.

  • Discuss possibility of utilizing memorial gift funds for outdoor benches and seating areas with Foundation.

  • Utilize a table in the Children’s Room as a rotating discovery table.

3. The Boylston Public Library will enhance existing collections and services.

  • Complete a collection study on all fiction sections and fill in gaps.

  • Complete a collection study on JJ, Easy, and Board Book collections.

  • Add labels for children’s and adult collections to promote browsing.

  • Create book bundles to promote turnover of collection and increase circulation.

    • Utilize bestseller lists and periodicals to identify book trends.

  • Explore the idea of circulating mobile hotspots, drones, graphing calculators, and cameras.

  • Attend CWMars meetings and offer input on improving collections based on patron feedback.

  • Dedicate amount in annual budget to Overdrive collection development with specific objectives.

  • Conduct yearly analysis of collection usage stats including comparison to previous years to identify trends and allocate money accordingly.

  • Discontinue any collections that are no longer popular.

4. The Boylston Public Library will improve marketing, outreach, and communications with patrons, media, and stakeholders.

  • Design a welcome bag for children getting their first library card.

  • Add a slide show to the home page of the web site highlighting programs and services.

    • Work with a consultant to develop a Marketing Plan.

    • Identify new places and ways to market library services.

  • Review all print marketing materials annually and upgrade as needed.

  • Conduct regular surveys at Town Meeting and other community events.

  • Develop a quarterly schedule for programs.

  • Consider ways to reach potential library users in the community.

  • Participate in outside community events to increase visibility within the town.

  • Engage in advocacy for library funding at the federal, state, and local levels.

  • Live stream and record programs for Facebook, YouTube channel and web site.

5. The Boylston Public Library will provide the highest level of customer service to all residents.

  • Hold weekly staff meetings for problem solving and information sharing.

  • Evaluate staffing levels and service hours.

  • Fund membership or workshop fees for full time staff members.

  • Provide staff time to attend trainings and meetings.

  • Provide training and refreshers to all staff on all library resources.

  • Maintain good lines of communication among full and part time staff.

  • Fill vacancies as they arise with qualified applicants.

  • Review and update job descriptions annually.

  • Provide training as needed with equipment and resources.

  • Provide comprehensive orientation and training for new staff.

  • Continue subscriptions to library periodicals.

  • Add new professional resources when relevant.

  • Develop training materials for snow days in winter.

  • Increase online presence within the local community.

  • Develop service standards for both service desks.

  • Engage Board of Selectmen regarding wage increases as a result of MA minimum wage increase.

6. The Boylston Public Library will develop new offerings to patrons as community needs change.

  • Consider addition of Virtual Reality technology.

  • Investigate feasibility of providing assistive technology equipment and instruction for patrons.

  • Develop new and engaging physical, online, and video wall content.

  • Brainstorm ways to be creative with existing space and collections.

  • Analyze circulation statistics to identify community needs.

  • Pursue intern from WPI to assist with development of video projects.

7. The Boylston Public Library will adapt services as new technology becomes available.

  • Review Technology replacement plan annually to account for new additions of equipment.

  • Attend professional conferences that deal with library trends.

  • Seek out new ideas from other libraries and industries.

  • Conduct annual technology assessment.

  • Identify and resolve technology issues as they arise.

  • Identify solution for IT needs.

  • Continue to find new and engaging ways to utilize AV on both floors of the library.