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The Boylston Public Library will be a community hub for the Town of Boylston, enriching lives by providing a means of social and cultural interaction.

  • Foster community partnerships for library programs and services.

  • Host a diverse range of programs for all ages that encourage a deeper understanding and appreciation of the world while promoting social engagement with neighbors.

  • Hold large community events at least twice a year.

  • Promote community unity through annual One Book, One Boylston program.

  • Utilize Friends of the Library and Foundation to supplement funding and hosting of programs.

  • Seek grants for speaker fees and program supplies.

  • Continue outreach efforts to homebound patrons through home book delivery.

  • Expand offering of museum and local attraction passes and discounts.

  • Investigate feasibility of serving coffee in the library.


The Boylston Public Library will provide a flexible and adaptable physical space that is accessible to all residents and adequately supports collections and services.

  • Investigate options for a dedicated meeting room.

  • Add additional shelving for DVD collection in Reading Room.

  • Keep all public areas free of physical clutter.

  • Update library web site to meet current ADA standards.

  • Add comfortable outdoor seating spaces.

  • Provide interactive children’s spaces that encourage a love of learning and exploration.


The Boylston Public Library will enhance existing collections and services.

  • Complete comprehensive collection studies to identify gaps in collection.

  • Cultivate core collections for all print materials.

  • Develop collection standards and weed all collections accordingly.

  • Identify popular trends in print materials and purchase materials accordingly.

  • Work with C/WMars and MLS to broaden eBook and eAudio offerings.

  • Monitor use statistics for all collections and allocate budget monies according to most popular collections.

  • Seek patron recommendations for collections.

  • Organize all collections in ways that promote exploration and discovery of materials.


The Boylston Public Library will improve marketing, outreach, and communications with patrons, media, and stakeholders.

  • Develop welcome packet with an overview of library collections and services.

  • Create marketing plan for the library.

  • Seek funding for design software and cost of printing materials.

  • Provide timely information on library web site and social media accounts.

  • Issue press releases to local media as needed.

  • Issue monthly Director’s Report to Library Trustees, Friends of the Library, Foundation, and other stakeholders.

  • Increase coordination efforts between Trustees, Friends of the Library, and Library Foundation.


The Boylston Public Library will provide the highest level of customer service to all residents.

  • Determine need for additional staffing levels in order to increase services.

  • Provide opportunities for staff to attend trainings, conferences, and workshops.

  • Maintain a friendly, knowledgeable, and customer oriented staff.

  • Update job descriptions as requirements change.

  • Provide training for all customer service staff on all library resources and equipment.

  • Provide access to library periodicals and other resources related to library trends.

  • Seek funding for increased hours of operation.

  • Request feedback from patrons on ways the library can improve.  


The Boylston Public Library will develop new offerings to patrons as community needs change.

  • Explore non-traditional library collections for possible purchase.

  • Seek funding for additional collections.

  • Address space concerns for additional collections.

  • Identify needs of the community through patron surveys, discussions, town meetings, and other means.

  • Analyze circulation statistics to identify trends.


The Boylston Public Library will adapt services as new technology becomes available.

  • Maintain updated Technology and Equipment replacement plan that correlates to current equipment inventory.

  • Identify emerging trends in technology that further the library’s mission.

  • Seek grants or other funding for trials of new technology.

  • Evaluate effectiveness of existing technology and identify areas for improvement.