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Museum Passes & Discounts

Generously funded by the Friends of the Library
and the Boylston Library Foundation

  • Passes are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

  • A reservation request does not guarantee pass availability, as these passes are shared among the community. We suggest calling the library to confirm your request on the day of pick-up. If you do not collect the pass by your reservation date, the pass may be redistributed to another user.

  • Some passes must be returned to the library by next day; some passes are turned in at the museum site. Read the pass details on this page for specifics.

  • Returnables passes may be put in the media slot of the outdoor return bin.

  • Unless otherwise noted, passes may be picked up the day of or, if available, the day before, your reservation.

  • Check with the museum/attraction for open hours, closures, updates, and restrictions prior to visit.

Click here for the museum reservation page, or read below for details on the different passes and discounts available at the library.

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